Feb 6, 2010

Rachel - Zenyatta Match-up

It was the only fair thing to do to announce Rachel Alexandra as the horse of the year; both mares were awesome, but only one consistently broke the rules.  But as soon as the announcement was made I was sure that it would be no time before the inevitable cries for a match-up between the superstars became deafening.  Sure enough, we've got our first offer for a $5 million purse should the two mares meet up at the April 3rd Apple Blossom, a race for fillies and mares 4 years and up.  Personally I can't see it happening, but who knows....

What I do know is that I dread the thought of a meeting between these two racing stars.  It's all just superstition, but I just can't believe that any good can come of it.  I think it's fair to ask our racing giants to face each other -- it's our best way of judging greatness, I suppose.  But ever since the Ruffian - Foolish Pleasure match race I just cringe at the thought of two fiercesome opponents willing to destroy themselves for a win.  And I do think these ladies are driven enough to destroy themselves in their desire to be out front.  That prospect scares me.  Maybe I'm just a wuss, but I'd rather consider them on their own merits and if they meet, they meet.  No extravagant build-up.  Just let the dice fall where they may.  And if they managed to never meet on the track, does it really even matter to their individual records?  Those should speak for themselves.

But then I also consider the great rivalries of yore and I feel bitterly confused again.  Who knows?  Maybe I'm just a bit of baby when it comes to these things.  Maybe a Zenyatta - Rachel match-up would be the best thing to hit horse racing in a long time.

When It's Not the Right Time

So over the past month and a half I was offered the chance to buy a fantastic reining stallion (see above), partly fell in love with him and somehow still made the decision to turn him down.  Subsequently, I've spent the past week alternating between being confident that this wasn't the right time to make a blind leap of faith and crying myself to sleep, fearing that such an opportunity wouldn't come around again.  At least not for a long while. 

I think...I mean I know I made the right decision for my present circumstances, but I also feel like I'm in mourning for a horse I never needed, nor was actively seeking.  How do you keep yourself from regretting the right decision?