Nov 13, 2010

My First Purchase - Best Leather Halter Ever!

I finally received my gorgeous, new, custom halter from this Kentucky leather craftsman.  I was worried about ordering it from this place because there were so few reviews of it online, but can I tell you how amazing and wonderful it is?!  For $43 I got a custom-made, exquisite piece of craftsmanship with triple stitching everywhere, thick 1" strap construction, and solid, beautiful brass hardware.  The leather is even softer than I expected - it's like your favorite pair of jeans, just the perfect ratio of suppleness and resiliency.  And can I brag about the fact that in the $43 price tag is included a $5 brass cheek nameplate that's REALLY well-engraved.  My mare looks like a million bucks and I'm thrilled.  On the Chronicle of the Horse forums, they recommended Quillin's and Walsh, but I saved a ton of money going with this supplier and I really couldn't be happier.  Plus $5 ships any order anywhere in the US and you really can't beat that.  I also ordered a lovely royal blue, Walsh nylon halter for everyday use for Gracie with a lovely brass nameplate and the whole order shipped for less than $60.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about this place.  And they'll repair any broken hardware or leather at any time -- how can you resist this place?! 


kippen64 said...

Your new leather headcollar is gorgeous!!!!

jelly andrews said...

Wow! Awesome! At $43, you really had a great deal. Thanks for sharing this one.

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