Sep 15, 2010

Like Adult Swim. Only in French.

Okay, I rented this movie off of Netflix the other night and I instantly fell in love with it.  With only 10 minutes into it, my husband and my mother both turned to me and asked, "Are you sure you didn't write the screenplay to this movie when you were 10 and the Belgians just got ahold of it?"  Seriously, if you love crazy, non-sensical fast-action cartoons in the vein of South Park and nearly all of the Adult Swim selections, you will LOVE this.  Trust me on this. 

And if you're a horse-crazy girl on top of that,'ll just be in heaven.  One of the main characters is a horse, aptly named 'Horse.'  If you were anything like me when you were a young, horse-obsessed girl, you spend hours playing with your model horses, making them talk and run around in a particularly frenetic way.  This little movie perfectly captures that 8 year old's need to 'show' a character talking by shaking it rather violently to and fro.  And from there, it just runs wild.  It's even better if you speak French, but my husband doesn't know a word of the language and still thought it was spectacularly hilarious.  What a pleasant little gem of a movie!


Jane said...

SOLD. Netflix here I come. Thanks!
LOVE your blog.

ianandebe said...

My mum sent this with the same kind impetus. Horses, random, humor = Genius!