Jul 23, 2010

William Shatner's Breyer Horse

I wish I still collected Breyer horses.  Hell, maybe I'll start again, especially when I hear that the newest Breyer model horse is a Saddlebred horse called All Glory.  All Glory is a multiple roadster winner with William Shatner (and his wife) holding the reins.  I have such a soft spot for William Shatner; he is so very serious about the horses he owns and he is pretty decent rider.  I've seen enough to know that he isn't a weekend rider, even if his acting schedule likely tends to get in the way of more professional equitation goals.  I've just had the displeasure of meeting so many wealthy people over the years who really don't have lofty aspirations, don't care that much for their horses....it still bowls me over when I encounter someone who genuinely loves what s/he does, not riding just to show off in front of his/her peers.  William Shatner would be riding regardless of how much money he made.  Though, I don't deny it, the money helps!  Money buys you some amazing horses.  Here's the model:

And here is his namesake, with his adorable driver.:

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Anonymous said...

I love this mold. And the bay is a pretty color. I love roadster horses! Nice to see Howard Schatzburg's name on that photo ! haha!