May 28, 2010

Red Dead Redemption: One More Reason to Love It (Hint: The Horses)

I am a true fangirl when it comes to Rockstar video games; they can almost do no wrong in my book.  That's why I was so thrilled to come across this article on how the Red Dead Redemption development team spent so much time and effort on making the horses in the game realistic.  They declare that the game's horses are "like nothing else in gaming."  And when you check out the trailer, you definitely see the payoff.  As an avid gamer who also loves horses, I really have to hold my tongue when playing most video games.  The horses typically look rather ugly and block-like, and by don't even approach correct movement.  The Red Dead Redemption horses look really nice.  To a trained horsewoman, there's still much room for improvement, but I definitely won't be embarassed when playing this game.  Now if they could only get the money to do this for actual horse-centric video games.

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smazourek said...

Yup, this game is definitely on my list.