Apr 13, 2010

The Prix Caprilli Tests

I never knew about the Prix Caprilli tests before.  They make perfect sense and really ought to be offered at far more shows around the country, both jumping and dressage.  For those who have never heard of these tests, they are like a dressage test with low crossrails included.  The judging is based on the dressage system (with a mark for each movement) and you get overall marks + coefficients for gaits, submission and impulsion.  Obviously they take into account the fact that the frame will be less collected for a jumping horse, but a general impression of accepting the bit and roundness is expected. 

How wonderful.  I really wish elements of dressage were better incorporated into more disciplines, especially when showing.  To me dressage is not the ends, but the means via which we improve the general movement and well-being of all horses throughout all disciplines.  I guess what I mean is that I wish I could see more all-around horses being shown today.

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