Nov 19, 2009

Anky Reining, Part Deux

Another Anky reining video.  Embedding has been disabled unfortunately (booooo!), but you can watch it here.  It's her first reining competition and it's funny for me to watch, since I've recently taken up the sport myself.  I feel like I know exactly where all her mistakes are coming from:  the desire to make corrections with both legs when you just need to take your legs off and use the reins.  The getting ahead of yourself (i.e. already thinking about the next movement when you should be focusing solely on the task at hand).  And the hard time you have sitting back sometimes; seriously, it's hard to get that behind the motion.  Well, you're not really, but it is a totally different feeling to that of other disciplines. 

But good job on Anky all around!  I hope to look half as good at this at my first reining competition.  Hell, who am I kidding?!  With my ego, I plan to look as good as her.  :)

Also, what is with people's compulsions to shield top riders from criticism?  (I am assuming that that was the intent in disabling the embedding.)  I mean, dudes...she's a grown woman who has existed in the public eye for long enough that I think she can handle any critiques people choose to throw her way. 

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