Oct 28, 2009

Syracuse Invitational - Day One

Also, I'll be at two of the ticketed events at the Syracuse Invitational today.  I'll be taking notes and photos for you.  The first thing I'm attending is this afternoon at 2:30 -- "Judging the Hunter Seat Horse".  And then, later today (at 7pm) is the big event -- "How It’s Done - Dressage and Jumping by George Morris, Ian Millar & Courtney King-Dye, presented by Practical Horseman."  Although apparently George Morris has subsequently canceled due to illness.  But in his place we'll have Anne Kursinski.  I used to love watching her and Starman in the 80s.  Anyone remember Starman?  He was one of those few jumpers I becomed obsessed with as a kid.  Him, Big Ben, Milton and Abdullah.  Maybe there were a couple more, but not a lot.  I wasn't as enamored with the showjumpers, but every so often one would come along to whom I would just become so attached.

And I'm dragging my poor parents along to the Budweiser World Cup Qualifier on Saturday.  This, I am SOOOOO excited for.  I grew up watching the National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden and by the time I was ready to attend in in NYC, it moved!  So, I will finally realize another childhood dream. 

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