Oct 19, 2009

Endust and a Dream of Shiny Ponies

I was cleaning my room over the weekend, aghast at the frighteningly large dust bunnies I unearthed under and behind the furniture, when suddenly in what could possibly be termed an Endust-induced halluncination I was suddenly transported back to when I was a very small child.  Every weekend I had the exact same ritual:  I took down every single of my Breyer model horses from their shelves, inspected them thoroughly (some were in need of constant medical attention, as my Breyers were not show ponies, but hard workers that invariably suffered broken bones -- I still feel the guilt, mom) and polished them until they gleamed.  I trotted out the Endust and a clean rag and set to work, making those coats shine.  Actually, my parents made me use Endust, which I secretly hated because to my mind it only added a satiny finish, not that slick, corn-oil glossyness that I coveted.  So, when my parents weren't looking I'd sneak into the cleaning cabinet and pull out the Pledge.  They probably could have cared less frankly, but I somehow thought I was doing something incredibly naughty, which probably only fueled my pleasure.  The Pledge was where it was at.  My horses were nearly greasy with product, but they shone.  They looked like the halter Arabians I was so trying to mimic.

I had a load of favorites, but I remember Ginger (pictured above) from the Black Beauty Collection as being my first.  Even as a kid I always loved the crazy chestnuts.  But I think what really drew me in was the balanced, collected canter.  What can I say?  I was always obsessed.  It was beauty incarnate to me, regardless of her vaguely ugly head and thin mane and tail.  And she was a TOTAL WORKHORSE.  She never broke down (I'm looking at you, Black Beauty) under the stresses of competition.  Hey, she was the total package. 

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