Oct 14, 2009

Embarrassing Post #5 Billion

I fully admit that I will be purchasing at least one bottle of the special "Rachel Alexandra" wines that Kendall Jackson is putting out.  Possibly two.  A large part of me knows how incredibly silly this is, but I also love Rachel A. and I love to drink wine.  So, my fear of looking silly is far outweighed by my desire for good wine.  And yet, on a more serious note, I know how emotionally overwhelmed I get when I encounter some old collectible that was attached to a famous racehorse in history.  So, okay, on one hand it's just a way for her connections to cash in on a marketable brand.  But on the other, I know from experience that it's a legitimate way to connect yourself to a legend in her own time.  I want to be that person who trots this bottle out 40 years from now and proudly shows it off to someone for whom Rachel Alexandra is just a stuffy name in a horse book.

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