Sep 10, 2009

Pictures! And Did I Mention How Nice Everyone in Saratoga Is?

See, it's not that the barn and stalls look bad.  They obviously don't.  It's just that I expected them to look like the most spectacularly immaculate facility I have ever seen.  In fact, it looked like several fairground facilities that I have shown at before.  Which is fine....just not imposing.
The lovely man above was a real doll. He grinned and told the guys behind him to "Smile for the lady!"
Me and John T. Ward's wife, Donna.  She invited me to her farm in Kentucky, so she'd better watch out for my imminent visit.  Also, yes, I do realize the irony inherent in posting my photo on an anonymous blog.
The best picture I could take of Bill Mott.  Yes, it's crap, I know.  But he didn't seem to want his photo taken.  I can't imagine why.  It's not as if he's not busy training racehorses.
This is like the shittiest photo I have ever taken.  But I had to post it for two reasons.  A) the horse was gorgeous.  B) The jock was the sweetest man in the whole world.  He must have posed for about 5 photos for me, all of which got totally ruined.  So, anyways...I'm sorry jockey-dude.  I really appreciated how sweet you were.  I just obviously shouldn't be in charge of the camera.
The Phipps barn.  A step above, obviously.
D. Wayne Lucas' stables.  Again, it's just a tad nicer back here.  :)
I have a soft spot for Lucas.  Don't ask me why.  Childhood nostalgia maybe?
Gorgeous horse.  Originally I had thought he was looking at his blackberry and I was going to make some clever quip about how even the outriders are addicted to the crackberry, but then I realized he was just reading a piece of paper.  So, I haz a fail there.
The track was disgustingly sloppy, but the day was super hot and muggy.  Poor horses were coming back so hot and exhausted from struggling with the slop and the humidity.

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