Sep 28, 2009

Just When You Think You've Seen It All -- Tap Dancing Horses on Film

This comes to you via the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's pet/film blog: FilmHound -- Eleanor Powell tap-dancing with a horse in the 1945 musical, "Sensations."  Amazing.  Really.  You have to get about 3 minutes into the clip to see it, but the first three minutes are worthwhile viewing.  If only for possibly the only musical featuring ladies dressed entirely in hunt attire, from the skin-tight breeches to the well-appointed tails.  Kind of awesomely hilarious to view at least once. 

And then the tap-dancing scene is a bit surreal.  The poor horse is piaffing like his life depends on it.  Or perhaps like he just got stung by a bee.  It's a bit giggle-inducing even though you're left feeling a bit sorry for the little fella.

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