Aug 26, 2009

I Gave a Thumbs Up to Calvin Borel

So, I'm back from Saratoga with a million things to report. AND PICTURES! That's right! I am learning to be more blog-savvy, y'all.

But first things first. I SAW CALVIN BOREL! Somehow we made it to the track at just the right moment on Saturday to end up standing right next to him as he was being given a leg up. Someone next to me called out to him and for some reason he thought it was me and he grinned and gave me a thumbs-up. What a sweetheart. He just oozes charm and goodheartedness. I adore him and, while I realize I'm totally biaised, I just think he can do no wrong riding-wise. He has an amazing work ethic, seems to really believe in his mounts and appears to have an uncanny sixth sense that lets him bring the best out of an animal.

I'm working on getting up the nerve to call his agent and see if I can't score an interview. The worst he could say (and likely will) is no.

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rockandracehorses said...

Can't wait to see your photos! Sounds like a fantastic trip. What a thrill :^) We're two ships passing in the night- I'll be there for Travers weekend.