Aug 13, 2009

The Great Match Race Pin

Yay! I have been trying to post this for days and blogger kept returning error messages. Anyway, I just wanted to share one of my lovely finds with you. I bought this pin at a flea market in Brooklyn. For a dollar. They had no idea what it was, and though I'm pretty sure it's not a major collector's item, I was thrilled to find it. Do a google search and virtually none of these come up, for sale or otherwise.

For those of you who maybe aren't in the know, these pins were given out free on the day of the tragic match race between Ruffian and Foolish Pleasure. And though I really wish I owned the Ruffian pin, I'm pretty happy to just own this tiny piece of history. I guess it's even more fun to know that I discovered it buried amidst a pile of hundreds of other absurd pins. I unearthed it and am giving it back a bit of its original glory.

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rockandracehorses said...

That's quite a collectible!!!