Jul 21, 2009

Kanye Has Got Nothing on Me

Also, how cute is this?! I love this man! Maybe I kind of want to be him.

EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW AT THIS POINT THAT I MANAGED TO SCORE A COPY OF "THE HORSES OF THE WORLD" PUBLISHED BY THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY!!! Yes, that did require all caps. Sorry for that -- but it was a phenomenal score, especially after realizing how amazing the dog version of this book is. I am in heaven -- thousands of random facts and awesome photos. I will try to share one of each a day, my pets. The one above clearly illustrates (as the caption reads): "The horse has been the companion and servant of man in nearly all his migrations and conquests, and has always played an important part in the development of the civilization which is based upon intelligent cultivation of the soil."

Or it's just a little man-horse love! Oh yeah! (Yes, I am five. I thought we had established that.)

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