Jul 15, 2009

All the World is a Stage

I am in the throes of a terrible summer cold. I always say that summer colds are the worst, but honestly all colds are the worst. Anyway, did anyone see the New York Times article Monday on a new play in London, called War Horse? It sounds amazing and I fully admit to being someone who has no patience for plays, musicals and whatnot... They essentially created giant horse puppets that are remarkably lifelike in that they appear to breath and are capable of moving exactly like a real horse, even going so far to construct passive tendons and joints that make for amazingly realistic movement. They aren't prettified; there is an dark industrial look to them that seems very menacing, but meshes perfectly with my aesthetic.

They are considering trying to bring the play to NYC in 2011 and I would seriously try to make it out for that. Read the article and check out the phenomenal slideshow.

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