Jun 25, 2009


So, one last word on Isabell Werth before I HAVE to get some work done today. So, apparently she has accepted the provisional suspension and opted not to open the B sample. Good on her. But one thing I would like to say: I would feel a thousand times better about this if Isabell simply said that she made a mistake and was sorry. I quote from the article, "Werth said she was informed that it likely would take six days for the substance to work its way out of the horse's system, but traces were still found in the test two weeks later. Werth said she deeply regretted the incident 'but was convinced that I had acted correctly.'"

See, now, that totally ticks me off. I understand that she is in charge of a major business operation and her sponsors may not appreciate her saying that she made a mistake. But it's the right thing to do. It wipes the slate clean; it reminds fans that we are all human and prone to errors. Being convinced you acted correctly just doesn't seem apologetic and that she is accepting blame for her actions. I truly hate that. It always smacks of cowardice to me.

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