Jun 3, 2009

Sandy the Waler

Doing a bit of snooping and I found a picture of Sandy, the sole Waler to return to Australia. If you have time, check out some of the pictures the Australian War Memorial has online, excerpted from their exhibition for children on "Animals in the War" -- there are some pretty neat images, including the one pictured above.


Anonymous said...

nice photo, but Sandy wasn't a Waler. He was a thoroughbred, given to GEN Bridges as a gift from the people of NE victoria.


bunnyrider said...

I make it my general policy not to respond to comments, but I will note that if you take a look at my profile on the Waler I tried to be clear that the Waler was not a breed, but a type of horse that included many other breeds. The fact that Sandy was likely a Thoroughbred doesn't really preclude him from being termed a Waler, since there was a gray line between the terminology for such Australian remounts and proper breed classification -- like in all breeds, if you go back far enough. So, I don't disagree with you, but I just wanted to be clear that I understand the nature of the argument and it is always difficult to decide when a type does or does not become a breed. In the end, I think the only important thing is to pay tribute to the hardy Australian-breds.