Jun 29, 2009

Isabell Werth - Enough Already With the Pity Party

I really have no patience for self-pity. Look, I do it -- everyone does -- but can we please remember to do this sort of thing in private? I am not interested in watching Isabell (or any celebrity figure, mind) go on the talk show circuit and proclaim complete ignorance at how her situation spiraled so out-of-control. It's patently absurd and it just makes me want to scream. What is wrong with people nowdays that we cannot accept responsibility for our actions?! Sometimes you have to grow up and just face up to the fact that you can totally and utterly fuck up. And it's no one's fault but yours. It's hard --I empathize with Isabell. But when will people please stop using the "I didn't know" response as an excuse to absolve them of all reponsibility?

I said it before and I'll say it again -- there is a major difference between accepting responsibility and apologizing for your errors, and proclaiming ignorance and using that as a way of absolving yourself of your mistakes. Isabell has chosen the latter and I suppose, in that respect, she isn't very different than the majority of sports figures lately who have been involved in other scandals (I'm thinking here of baseball, obvs). I also hated watching them try to garner pity for themselves as they made the talk show rounds. Does anyone really and truly take this seriously? Because I just want to roll my eyes at their pathetically childish behavior. My five-year-old niece is not allowed to behave in this manner, why should Isabell Werth?

I quote, from her interview, "'It is true that the substance is not allowed for horses here in Germany. I didn't know that and I'm sorry for that,' she confessed."

"'Isabell Werth's vet Dr. Stihl, a Switzerland based high performance veterinarian, told Isabell the substance would only be traceable for 6 days. "Americans have now revealed information that this substance is traceable for 90 days. My vet didn't have this information," she said."

Does this even require commentary on my part? Her responses are even more disheartening as she pleads complete ignorance on her behalf and her vet's. I have no words for this. When do you reach the point in your career where you forget the hard work, sacrifice and education that built your successes? Is it a conscious decision to suddenly decide you can rest on your laurels alone? This might come across as super bitchy, but they are honest questions. I really need to know the answers to this because I would do anything to avoid such a place in my life.

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