Jun 4, 2009

In Which I Try to Argue That a Post About Dogs Is Relevant Here, Thank You Very Much!

So, this is totally off-topic, but I picked up a copy of The Book of Dogs at an antique shop a couple of months ago and just recently realized how utterly AMAZING this book is. You want to talk about books that pontificate on animals with no censor and offer up the quirkiest of stories, you need look no further than this book. One speaks of bloggers as judg-y, but y'all just need to read some older animals books, those M.F.s were judg-y.

I really need to find a horse equivalent of this. Anyway, I know this is not technically horse-y, but I must share this spectacular find with the world! So, until I tire of this, I will be posting one (condensed) excerpt a day from this book, presented without commentary. Anything that has particularly tickled me... Anyone who knows of any horse books in this vein, please pass the names along!!

Without further ado, I present the first excerpt of The Book of Dogs by Ernest Harold Baynes, published in 1927:

From the description of the Fox Terrier breed (pg. 73):
"Among the best known of all dogs is the buoyant, irrepressible, and violently affectionate Fox Terrier. Somehow he is always associated in many minds with sunshine and dancing, and when properly cared for and kindly treated he is a joyous creature.

Like other dogs, when ill-treated or badly cared for, he can degenerate into anything. Often, from overfeeding and insufficient exercise, he becomes fat, and a corpulent, wheezy dog, except an aged and decrepit one, is a disgusting object to any real dog lover."

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