Jun 4, 2009

A Horse You Should Know - The Lemon Drop Kid

How often do we see this happen? Who wants to take bets this will NEVER happen again? I positively love it though. I wish there sincerely was a possibility for equestrian sports other than racing to come back into the spotlight, but until then, I'll just be content to marvel over this cover and the exceedingly well-written article that accompanies it. I'm not a Saddlebred historian, not by a longshot. But just seeing the dearth of information available on the web about this ultra-versatile American breed just makes me want to start cataloging all the info I can.
Regardless, I could rehash his story or I could let you read the article. I am voting for the article. It's superb and worth spending a few minutes of your day reading. All you really need to know is that he was the only Saddlebred to ever grace the cover of Sports Illustrated. That should show just how special he was.

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