Jun 5, 2009

Completely Random Dog Posting - Mexican Hairless Breed Profile

2nd Excerpt from The Book of Dogs, on the Mexican Hairless (pg. 89):

"Every kind of dog, however bizarre or degenerate, can find a human friend somewhere, and this most unprepossessing product of our neighbor to the south is no exception. Though unpleasant-appearing, with his sausagelike exterior, weak, lashless eyes, and quivering drawn-in hind quarters, he is said by his friends to be a bright, affectionate little dog, which repays amply the care and regard of his master.

Much variation seems permissible as to size, form, and contour, so long as the prime misfortune of complete baldness be present. The best specimens, however, just to be bizarre, carry a topknot of silky white hair on their crown. In general they are like any medium-sized or small Terrier whose hair has been scalded off.

The skin may be all pink, all dark purplish, like old bologna, or a marbled combination of the two.

The absence of a tempering coat of hair makes them feel unpleasantly fevered to the touch, and, of course, they are very sensitive to changes in the temperature and hence are rarely seen in the northern part of our country.

For the 'purposes of a dog' they are useless."

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