May 29, 2009

Rachel Alexandra is Out of the Belmont

Rachel Alexandra is out of the Belmont. I never wrote it here because, contrary to popular opinion, I'm not usually one to make grand predictions about such things. But let it just be known that I took one look at that filly directly after the Preakness, turned to my husband and said, "No way is she running the Belmont." She looked beat, like that effort had taken way more out of her than she had to give. And it probably did. I don't care that people may sneer at this withdrawal -- you have to do what's right by the horse -- and she gave it her all and did something not many other horses could have done. So, now she'll pay for it a bit. Hopefully she'll come back stronger.

Here's hoping Mine that Bird wins and Borel gets himself a "jockey Triple Crown." I'm rooting for him!

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Leslie said...

She was tired! But, she did give it her all and that was all it took. Hope you saw her in the MG, and she will continue to get stronger and smarter.