May 1, 2009

Rachel Alexandra is a Monster

I meant to do a post on the forgotten sister to the Kentucky Derby, the Kentucky Oaks, but in the end I realized that I didn't know the horses well enough to comment on them. However, I do think the Oaks deserves some love and I'll be sure to do it a solid. Soon.

BUT! Did you freaking see Rachel Alexandra destroy her competition? Good girl indeed. Mark my words - that one is a monster and deserved to destroy the boys in the Derby tomorrow. But, that being said, I couldn't really argue with her owners who opted not to put her in the Derby because of the sheer number of entries (20 at my last count, though that was several days ago). That's the thing that always aggravates me about the Derby - the number of horses running. God, there are so many! You can't possibly expect the best horse to win. Especially after getting knocked about several times and getting boxed in. It's a wonder anyone makes it out intact, equine or human.

So, I'm super psyched about Rachel Alexandra. What a machine. I have a new racing idol.

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