May 5, 2009

Alright Already...The Derby Post

I know, I know. It's so over and done and no one is interested in what I have to say about the Derby. Whatever...I am non-conformist that way.

Let me just preface this with my personal tragedy in this matter. I bought the DRF at Wegman's Saturday and was reading up on all the horses when, in a flash, it occurred to me that this race was totally wide open. Just too many horses and too much expectation. So, I thought, if I were really smart right now I would just go the OTB and bet money on each of the longshots. I figured it couldn't hurt and I just might make money.

Unfortunately for my parents, I did not voice this opinion (as I never trust my own judgment) and we did not win big on Derby day. But dammit, I was this close! From here on out my parents are taking control of the betting in this house.

But Mine that Bird won. And totally impressively. But WTF?! Who knows if he's a Triple Crown horse. My gut says no. (And I swear that's not indigestion.) Look, I've been wrong before. In fact, I am often very wrong, but there was something about the candidness of Calvin Borel's comments directly after the race that struck me. He didn't come out and say anything negative. In fact, he was utterly adorable. But he also didn't come out and say anything like his horse was amazing or that he always knew he could do it, etc...It totally seemed like he was really surprised and just enjoying the moment. Maybe I am reading too much into the comments, but when that adrenaline is pumping is just when you're liable to make the most goofy, overly adoring declarations about the horse. And he held back. That tells me something.

Anyway, here's the race....

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