Apr 17, 2009

You do like me!

Hey, so I actually have a bit of a following. Who knew? People do like me! Anyway, it made me realize I should come back and do my thing, whatever that is.

I have moved now - to Central NY - and hopefully will find some students to start working with again. And I always have this, my outlet.

I apologize to anyone looking forward to more posts. Hopefully you'll stop by again, and I promise to be back for good.

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takhifeet said...

Hi! i had just discovered your blog then realized you were off the grid but now you're back - Yay!

i'm a brooklyn based horse girl too, wondering where in central NY you landed and what your riding program is now ... ?

do you have an email blog fans/strangers can use to mail you!?

so happy you're back on this great blog!

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