Apr 29, 2009

Celebrity Reining

If you call international dressage and jumping riders celebrities, that is. I kid, I kid.

Anyway, it was the US riders versus the European riders, with names such as Anky van Grunsvan and Rodrigo Pessoa participating. You totally have to check out the two videos I found on Youtube. I must admit Rodrigo and Anky did a great job. And I LOVE that the crowds watching reining patterns are totally nutso!! I really mean this. I would love for people to get so into Dressage and Jumping that they cheered their lungs out. God, the English disciplines are sooo boring and controlled sometimes.

Plus, this is old news to some but I just discovered that Anky made an announcement at some point last year that she will compete in both Dressage and Reining in the 2010 World Equestrian Games. And that makes me insanely jealous, though why I don't know. I now live in a big reining area; I am perfectly capable of starting to learn that too. And then it melts my heart a lot and I realize I might like Anky. A bit. Ugh...I might need therapy for all of the conflicting emotions battling in my body today. :)

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