Aug 13, 2008

Obligatory Olympics Post

Oh, hey, it's the Olympics. Yeah, I get excited as the next guy (or girl, as it were) about them. I love the idea of the Olympic games - pushing the body to the limits and defying the odds. And then, I watch them in reality. Sure, some of the sports are pretty cool, but when I watch the equestrian portion I can get a little disheartened. In general, the eventing was great though I couldn't really blame the reportedly large numbers of fans in Hong Kong who found the dressage boring and slow. I watched several hours of the dressage portion and *I* was bored.

Listen, don't get me wrong, those people are fit and fearless and do a superb job at being all-rounders, but GOD-DAMMIT I don't think anyone practices their dressage AT ALL!! If I had been the judge I would have slit my wrists during the event. Seriously. It was that bad. And I will apologize on people's behalf for everything, but this is absurd. Someone needs to bring the eventing dressage to the next level.

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