Aug 13, 2008

It's a Drinking Song, It's a Drinking Song

Hey, after spending 3 hours watching the individual Dressage this morning, I have only one thing to say: If I took a shot of tequila for each person I saw riding the majority of their test with their horse behind the bit (i.e. poll not the highest point) I would be in a coma now.

Also, one more thing. I love all the wonderful video NBC is posting of the entire equestrian competition. Yay NBC!!! (Whoa! Kill me if I ever do that again.) However, I want to cringe at the people doing the live typing commentary. I don't think I learned one useful thing this morning. I did read a lot about how impeccably turned out riders and horses should be amongst other asinine things. Plus, I got to read them prattle on about how dressage horses at Grand Prix can't get turned out for fear of being hurt and they need to have massage therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors to keep them going at the highest level. Oh, and this gem -- they are typically iced on days they practice their piaffe and passage. Jesus people!! I am disgusted by my own sport. Yes, they're athletes, but they're not porcelain figurines. Piaffe will not break your damn horse! That's what muscles are for. Maybe if you turned your horse out to exercise his muscles, he might not need to be iced.

Now I wish I *had* played that drinking game.

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