Feb 13, 2008

The Real Shanghai Knight

I love Jackie Chan. I don't know why. I'm not a super fan - I don't watch his action movies. Mostly I love him for Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights (particularly that lovely sequence in which he fights bad guys to 'Singing in the Rain' and you realize just how much more of a dancer he is than an action star). But you have to admit this picture is every which way gorgeous and adorable. Jackie Chan just looks like a particularly dapper equestrian. He should totally ride.
Anyway, it turns out that the Hong Kong Tourism Board has recruited him to promote the Olympics' equestrian event. This is actually a still from a video they are producing. It's tough to find a clips of the video (YouTube, don't fail me now), but I saw some of it on a Reuters video and bless his heart, Jackie looks superb on a horse standing still, but the sad truth is the boy cannot ride. At. All.
But I don't care. I still heart him. And I particularly heart him for wearing a well-fitting safety helmet. See, even action heroes who have broken like every bone in their bodies wear helmets. Take that, dressage queens!!

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