Feb 13, 2008

Pony Round-up

- The National Pony Dressage Cup has been created!!! Yay!! Finally there should be a surge in this country towards promoting the pony (for adults and children) in dressage. Who wants to bet Teddy being named pony of the year by virtually everyone has just a little something to do with it? Anywho....it will be held June 28th and 29th along with the USDF Summer Classic at Paxton Farm near Cincinnati, Ohio. I can't wait until I have my own farm and can work with pony and small horse dressage mounts.

- And in other cool news a 66-year-old equestrian has been selected for Japan's Olympic dressage team. Hiroshi Hoketsu actually took part in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and finished 40th in showjumping. Now he has switched to dressage - can't actually imagine why....who wouldn't want to be doing grand prix showjumping at 66? Um....maybe me.

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