Jan 12, 2008

Presidential Gag

Please.... The Chronicle of the Horse typically annoys me a bit anyway. Maybe they could stand to have a bit more content and less fluff. But that's my problem with all horse magazines anymore. Holla at me if you loooved Dressage & CT and are sad at its demise. I mean, there was some serious content. Sometimes my eyes glazed over, but shit.....I want a riding magzine (not all, mind) to challenge my thinking and bring out the academic in me. Yeah, fluff is good. I'm all about reading US Weekly and then pulling out a new behavioral study on dogs. But jeez, is it really necessary to devote an entire article on the new trends in riding-wear? And then write an umpteenth article on how to ride the perfect 20m circle? Okay, Dressage Today. I get it. Most dressage riders in the country ride at a very low level and that's your target audience. But would it freaking kill you to do some higher-level work sometimes?! No, it wouldn't. Really.

Anyway, as you can see horse magazines bring out my stabby side. But I accept that for what it is. And honestly the Chronicle of the Horse is less fluff than the others and therefore more readable to me. However, I genuinely question their judgement when this week I open up the magazine and read a long article on fucking Ann Romney. In case you weren't quite sure she is Mitt Romney's wife. What?! Are you kidding me COTH?! Because I'm pretty sure I'm ready to let my subscription lapse after this.

Okay, so she rides dressage. Big whoop. So we learn that she sponsors a mount for Olympian hopeful Jan Eberling. That's good. I am glad for him and more power to her. More people should sponsor horses for talented riders across America. But all of that fluff is just there to distract from the fact that the COTH is clearly writing a piece on Ann simply because her husband is running for the presidency. I mean, they certainly weren't too interested in writing about her last year or the year before. She certainly hasn't done anything so amazing in her career this past year that warrants an entire article devoted to her. Nope, really this is all political promotion regardless of the packaging. And frankly that pisses me off. Is there really nothing better to write about in the world of riding? And it makes me wonder if the Romney campaign paid them off. (Okay, I don't stress too much about this because really....is he that desperate that he's courting the horsey vote?) I paid money for this subscription to read about important goings-on in the horse world. Hell, if I'm interested in the campaign I'll read a political blog. So bite me, COTH. I pay you to write about horse professionals, not some irritating weekend dressage rider that bought her way to Grand Prix and similarly bought herself show recognition by attaching herself to the coattails of an Olympic hopeful. God, yeah, that makes me really want to vote for Romney now. NOT.

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