Jan 8, 2008

Happy New Year!

So, I'm back. Two months of writing business plans, looking over financial statements, being scared of running my own business and never being able to wear pants again (don't ask)...I am proud to say that we are nearing the final stages of owning a boarding and dressage training facility in central NY.

There are moments of pure "yay!!!" and moments of "oh god, I must be insane!!!" but overall I am super-psyched and cannot wait to have more time for riding, writing, and teaching. Now I just need to find a good horse.

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Ali said...

alright Ms. I'm about to own a barn - how did you not tell me about this exciting news?!?! (This is Ali by the way, your friendly little tag-along barn buddy ;)) I knew you were looking at one but I didn't know you actually are going through with it!!!!!! you need to call/e-mail me right away and tell me all about this excitingness!!!!!!
P.S. Ethan says hi!