Oct 29, 2007

Pony Round-up

- This is a month old now, but I've been holding onto it for a rainy day....it's a cute article about Thoroughbred names. And mostly about people's attempts to name their horses naughty or downright rude names and the Jockey Club's job to thwart them. But it's pretty funny how many have slipped under the radar (Blow Me or Pussy Galore, anyone?) and it's funny to revisit some famous names through non-horsey eyes, like Jail Bait or Barely Legal. My husband always tells me that horse names are just bizarre. His ideal horse name would be 'Chicken Amazing.' It would just go one step beyond the cute and absurd and just weird everyone out. I'm kind of on-board with it. But he also wanted our niece's name to be Shish Kabob. So, I'm just saying....

- On a totally different track, it depresses me to report that 13 draft horses (mostly yearlings) were killed in an utterly horrific accident in Illinois over the weekend. Apparently it was a violation for the tractor-trailer to be hauling the over 46 (!!!!) horses contained within it. They were stuffed into a double decker trailer designed for hauling poultry. It seems the driver disregarded the traffic signal and was hit by another vehicle at an intersection. The truck overturned and the animals were trapped in there for hours. I can't even begin to think how they rescued those animals. Or at least the ones that they could. $1000 says they were on their way to a slaughterhouse. And get this, it is unclear who owns the horses. Yeah, who wants to put money up on whether an owner ever owns up? Clearly some shady dealer or knacker has possession of these animals and I'm sure he's going to do everything in his power to avoid being caught. He deserves to be kicked in the head. By a horse. Repeatedly.

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