Oct 17, 2007

Pony Round-up

So, in news that has been accumulating for the past week and I have been storing for a rainy day....

- A 2-year-old filly, Locksweeper, shattered the Colonial Downs track record and world record for 2-year-old trotting fillies on a track greater than one mile. Why don't we hear about trotters and pacers in horsey news. I think it's pretty cool and just as risky and left-to-chance as other horse-racing. I think people just think that because it's trotting (or pacing) it's not as fast and not as exciting. Let me tell you that's a load of crap. Those little buggers can fly! It's crazy fast. Anyway, props to Locksweeper. She knocked a full second off the world record. That's pretty sweet.

- Gunner the reining horse has managed to achieve million-dollar-sire status, which basically means that his progeny have managed to win a total of million dollars in earnings collectively. That's awesome. He's so freaking adorable, first of all. See:

How cute is that face? And he's achieved something pretty awesome, especially considering that he truly only has 145 foals with NRHA competition licenses. He's some stud. But let's not forget the unmentioned baby mamas that (I'm sure) had a big hand in all this, too. The horse world is so patriarchal at times.

- And this is just weird. So clearly it's right up BunnyRider's alley. Australia, in the wake of all the problems with equine influenza and the toll it is taking on the horse-racing industry, is turning to camel-racing. Apparently people feel so strongly about getting out to the tracks to watch something race that Sydney is hosting camel races. I think that's hilarious. I mean, I love racing, but I'm not so intensely addicted that I need to watch things race. But, that being said, I would go out expressly to watch camel-racing. Who wouldn't? You totes have to check out some of these pictures:

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Whitney said...

Camel racing? Wth?? that's pretty crazy..you realy do learn somethin new every day! looks like fun actually :)