Oct 30, 2007

Big, Fabulous Equestrian Festival!! In Fabulous France!!

Also, this is cool....though not as cool as my previously mentioned event. But why don't we have awesome things like this in America? Okay, so it's a little gayish, but it's also pretty neat-o. It's a big equestrian 'festival' in Avignon, France. It's from Jan 16-20.

I think it's because, like in many things, Europeans actually treat riding as a legitimate artistic pursuit. They are respectful of choosing to be a full-time rider or trainer. Americans only respect greed and killing yourself for a corporation. Yuck! Can you tell I'm over working for the financial world?

Yeah, but seriously, this is way neat. Imagine a world in which my choice of profession is celebrated....

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Whitney said...

I think riding is an artform. I've only done it once, but it was an amazing experience!