Oct 4, 2007

7 Haikus in Honor of the Quagga

When I was seven
I wrote a quagga haiku
It won a contest

For those who don’t know
The quagga is now extinct:
A type of zebra

Its color differed;
Stripes over the head and neck,
Solid brown behind

People hunted it,
Killing this subspecies off.
For no good reason

It might seem silly
To recreate the Quagga
But Reinhold Rau is

To breed the zebras
Whose color and look most match
Those sad, stuffed remnants

They are not quagga
No, not true recreations
But a worthy goal…

1 comment:

FlawlessWalrus said...

7 haikus must be the magic numnber. Here are my 7 haikus I wrote on a ride to a business meeting: 7 Haikus Written in the Back Seat on the Way to a Meeting