Sep 6, 2007

Road Trip: Saratoga Springs, Parte the Second

I haven't been feeling very well lately and thus, my blogging has not been as awesome as I would like. My apologies...awesome-ness will return soon.

Anyway, the thing that I loved most about Saratoga was that it was the first place that I have ever been in my entire life where EVERYONE was obsessed with horses. The obsession ranged from simply wearing a horse-y tee-shirt or owning a couple of racehorses or being a small-time claiming trainer. I've traveled a lot and I've never been to a place where horses are number 1 all the time. And there's no pretension about it, really. I mean, yeah, you get a few irritating know-it-alls, but in general everyone is pretty chatty about anything horse-y. That just instantly made me pretty cheerful. I don't care that the couple behind me at the races wondered whether the same horses that were racing today would be racing tomorrow: the majority of the people aren't experts, just fans. That's just fine with me. Refreshing, in fact. You get a bit jaded being around hunter/jumper or dressage barns. They can be so snarky and insular that you forget what it's like to be around normal people (who just happen to love horses).

The only thing I can really attribute the camaraderie to is that the town's one true industry is simply tourism and the horse-racing is a huge chunk of that. So, they owe a lot to the horses and the industry. And frankly from what I can see Saratoga attracts a fairly well-heeled horsey set that just adds to the coffers.

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