Sep 26, 2007

Pony Round-Up

So many worthy news items today, so little time...

- Firstly, I love this dude. This falls under yet another one of BunnyRider's obsessions - horse-related Central Asian steppes things. It's a rather broad category. This guy has spent three years on horseback to retrace the route of Genghis Khan crossing into Europe many centuries ago. And shockingly, this is not the sole reason why I love this guy. It's simply due to the amazing awesome-ness that is the intro sentence to his news article: "He scared off wolves with firecrackers in Mongolia and rescued his dog from hungry miners in Kazakhstan." I mean, this is a guy I want to go camping with - he is prepared for everything.

- The coach of Oklahoma City's minor-league hockey team helped to prevent a stampede of Belgian draft horses at the State Fair by biting the ear of one of the spooked horses. Is this guy for real? He claims that that is the way to stop a spooking horse - by biting its ear as hard as possible. I have so many questions. How did he learn this? Why would you want to bite the ear of an animal that weighs around a ton? How do you reach said horse's ear with your mouth? Please, I really need to know.

- And in news of the 'little' variety, some weirdo smuggled a miniature horse onto a flight from Germany to Atlanta, GA in a dog crate. He was trying to pass it off as a dog obvs. And this is totally bad of the person for many reasons, but the photo of the horse in a dog crate is kind of adorable.

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