Sep 18, 2007

Pony Round-up

-Bunnyrider's unhealthy obsession (amongst others)- the racehorse John Henry (who is 32 by the way) had a bit of a health issue last week. Apparently he became dehydrated, due to the oppressive heat in KY, and some blood tests showed elevated levels of blood urea nitrogen and creatinine, which could potentially indicate kidney problems. He's gotten plenty of IV fluids since and seems to be doing much better, though he hasn't gotten the 'all clear' yet. Fingers crossed he'll be okay. Bunnyrider loves John Henry. And the bloodhorse article says that everyone's favorite curmudgeon (their words, not ours) is enjoying whatever foods he wants. Apparently that means chocolate, cookies, and doughnut holes. Bunnyrider now loves John Henry even more. In fact, bunnyrider is John Henry - old man crankyness, sweet tooth and all.

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