Sep 17, 2007

Pony Round-Up

This is kind of interesting....Dover Saddlery is going to do a presentation at the Thomas Weisel Consumer Conference in NYC. I think the equestrian consumer market is vastly under-represented and underserved and anything to get that onto the markets' radar is pretty smart. Dover is a pretty good business model actually (though I don't always love the idea of the tack conglomerate, in general). They went public two years ago and since, they have been great about positioning themselves as virtually the only tack provider to be business-savvy about the equestrian consumer market. They should hopefully pave the way for other equestrian services to make some change off of the ridiculous amounts of money we spend on horse-related things (for lack of a better word).

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shnnn said...

cool! will bunnyrider be there?