Sep 6, 2007

Pony Round-up

- Wow. Huge freaking shocker....NYC carriage horses not being cared for properly. They are working without enough water, shade, or vet exams. Wow, I'm so surprised. Not. Anyone who thinks those carriage rides are magical or romantic or whatever the hell they're supposed to be, should be strapped to one of those carriages themselves for 12 hours. I loathe the industry and the tourists who keep it going. And no, I don't think you can make the working conditions better. It's just a ludicrous, dangerous industry for horses and should not exist.

- Within the first paragraph of this story from is this astute observation: "It's no secret that today's Thoroughbreds tend to be less sound, rugged, and durable than in the past." This is a real problem - anyone who says that the Arabian is just a fragile breed that is unsuitable for most disciplines needs to take a look at the modern Thoroughbred. Well, at least this is a start towards possibly fixing the problem - a listing has been compiled of sire lists whose bloodlines are identified as being more durable and sound.

- By the way, I like the way many within the horseracing industry are trying to remedy the faults of modern Thoroughbred breeding (and the breakdowns that that engenders) by installing new 'polytrack' surfaces in certain racetracks around the country - to combat speed. Okay, I'm all for making racing surfaces safe...but you know, if the industry stood up and started really clamoring for changes from the ground-up, we might not have to do silly things like installing racing surfaces to slow horses down. I don't know. It just strikes me as silly to combat the symptom, not the underlying problem.