Sep 5, 2007

Pony Round-up

- This is kind of fantastic: A British man faces charges of careless driving when his horse and buggy went up onto a lawn, trampled a bike, and nearly ran a car off the road. Apparently, he was drunk when he lost control of his horse. First of all, kudos to the horse who actually had the balls to run a car off the road and trample a bicycle. And, way to go to Amish-guy who was drinking and driving.....ha. The constable says drinking and operating a horse and buggy is very "serious" (not so much, actually) and "all too common." Wow, I want to live there and see all the crazy drunk-buggy action.

- This is interesting. A study was done in New Zealand to determine whether horse performance is affected by dental work. They took 11 horses and performed dressage tests; directly after, floated half of the horses teeth and performed the exact same test the following day. Performance was neither improved or diminished. But weirdly the rider was correct in guessing 7 of the horses as to whether they had been floated or not. So, clearly there was a difference. The rider felt it. But frankly I think the whole study is kind of dumb. The two groups were horses that had not had their teeth floated for at least a year vs horses that had had regular 6-month check-ups. Frankly, all that tells me is that I can save some money and only do my horse's teeth once a year. Doesn't disprove that floating is helpful. Not sure what the point was here.....

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