Sep 26, 2007

More Round-up

DUDE, so much awesomeness today! Did the world finally get clued into BunnyRider's need for the weird, cute, and absurd?!

Well, this is THE BEST...

This mustachioed master of invention was originally looking to create a safe, simple vehicle to drive a small pony. And he discovered that you couldn't really beat the CHARIOT. Yes, folks, mustachioed man rediscovered that a small pony can pull a large man in a chariot with ease. (Sidenote: originally horses were kind of small and weren't really rideable; hence the creation of the chariot.)

So, Simon the 'stache invented this 'high-end' chariot. He calls it the Saddlechariot. So, inventive and evocative. Tell me, how did you dream up this lovely name?

But, I do kind of what to be him in that photo. It looks like super-fun.

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Whitney said...

Is this picture real?? LOL, that's pretty hilarious!