Sep 21, 2007

Maiden for Life

Oh, I feel bad for this horse. Her name is Dona Chepa. And she has never won a race. In fact, it appears as if she now owns the (unofficial) record of number of races lost - 125. I feel really bad for her. Clearly she's not good at racing and yet her stupid trainer has been entering her in races for 4 years now and she still isn't winning. Poor little mama. Why can't they retire her and give her a job she might be good at? There are lots of things - dressage, jumping, trail riding, maybe she could be a good broodmare. And yes, just because she's not a winner doesn't mean she can't be a good mommy to racehorses or hunter/jumpers or something.

What's even sadder, I think, is the fact that in all the articles about her, she is just made out to seem pretty awful. She's referred to as a brown horse. Dude, that's just sad. She looks kind of bayish in the picture. Can't she have that at least? I mean, brown is the color all my non-horse friends call any horse that isn't white. I know it's a legitimate horse color, but's brown. How more pathetic can you make this mare seem? And what's up with this picture? Why is this the only picture I can find of her?! Has there ever been a worse photo taken of a horse? I have to try hard to make a horse look that bad and I can't take photos to save my life.

Ultimately though, I just want to say this to her trainer. Guy, give it up. Your horse wants a different career. She doesn't care about running around a track and trying to reach the finish line first. She came in 2nd once in 2003 and it clearly wasn't a rush for her - she certainly didn't try to duplicate it again. So, come on... There are other horses in the world to train. Maybe you're striving for being the trainer of the least-winning-nest horse in history and I guess that's something, but you could probably do better. In fact, it's really easy to do better.

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