Sep 26, 2007

Fallen Idol

So, I have a great love of outlaws. I would love, love to be an outlaw if I weren't so afraid of being in trouble. I'm lame, I know. But it's sort of like, I'm afraid I already might be an outlaw and I just don't know it yet. You know, like I have a split personality and my other personality is out there wreaking havoc and the police may have a warrant for me....This all goes through my head. A lot. So, I'm afraid of being in trouble for weird that I might already be in trouble. Yeah., I don't do drugs. Honestly.

Anywho....This made me sad. It's an article about how someone actually sued Jesse James and won. And didn't get shot. Jesse James, you were supposed to be above the law. You totally sucked. Some outlaw you are, JJ.

The article is kind of long, but the gist is this (and YES, it does involve horses): Basically JJ and another of his crew held up a bank and shot the cashier. The two men left the bank and mounted their horses. One of the horses bolted, its rider's foot caught in the stirrup and he got dragged for awhile until he freed himself. He then jumped on his companion's horse. They rode out of town and met a rider along the way. They held that guy up at gunpoint and took his horse. A beautiful, well-bred mare was left behind in town, alleged to be JJ's mare. The dude who lost his horse decided to sue. How American, even in 1870. Well, only one lawyer would touch the case - McDougal - and he represented his client, suing for the value of the horse, saddle and bridle. The litigation continued for 21 months. And JJ retained the services of an attorney. God, you were a loser, Jesse James! Why didn't you just shoot the dude?! Or ignore the dude?! You're Jesse James. The law didn't apply to you. Oh, whatevs....JJ is so dead to me now. Ha-ha. That's kind of funny. You're dead to me now. But seriously, you are.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the court was unable to serve the James brothers with papers and finally the court declared in favor of the plaintiff. So, he got to take posession of JJ's high-class mare.

Yeah, that's a part of the Jesse James legend you don't hear every day. You know, because it might just have added to his mystique. Not.

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