Aug 21, 2007

A Zorse Is a Zorse, Of Course, Of Course

This is Eclyse, the Zorse. According to this place, a zorse is the cross between a zebra daddy and a horse mommy. Her mother 'accidentally' found love with a zebra mack-daddy while taking a 'vacation' in Italy. She came back to her owners and, to their surprise, had this foal. That's such a daytime talk-show kind of story. I mean, if they weren't horses.
I find animal hybrids kind of fascinating in a trainwreck sort of way. This one is incredibly adorable because he is like a stripe pinto. I’m assuming his momma was a paint. If you are remotely interested in equine hybrids, you should check out this site. It’s kind of amazing and I will be citing stuff from it for the next couple of days. It’s my new favorite. I love ‘studying’ genetics and while I don’t think it’s that incredibly useful to have an abundance of zebroids (isn’t that a fabulous word? that's also my new favorite.) around, I like the idea of these experiments in that turn of the century, animal-collecting sort of way.

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