Aug 24, 2007

Super Tölt on an Icelandic Horse

You have to go to this link of an Icelandic horse doing the tölt. It's the best footage I could find and it's amazing. This video isn't allowed to be embedded, but it's worth the jump. Not only is this horse adorable, but once it kicks into gear, it's freaking fast!! And this is just the tölt. The pace is even faster. Plus, it's freaky how it starts out kind of slow and then, bam! It's like the energizer bunny. I desperately want to ride one. I may be doing a trip to Iceland next year - if I do I will definitely be seeking out a countryside ride.


Andrea said...

Check out this horse!

and pace:

Stan said...

I shot the video of the "Super Tölt" horse as part of my website, The horse, Klara, is very sweet and you can see a lot more of her at this link:

Please feel free to visit the site and see a lot more Icelandics. They are a lot of fun to ride and I think you would enjoy them very much.