Aug 27, 2007

Pony Round-up

Perhaps I'm simply projecting onto the whole of the news organizations around the world, but I can only find sad horse news today. Shall I share the mood?

- Galant du Serein, Dr. Cesar Parra's 2004 Olympic mount and overall pretty outstanding Selle Francais stallion, had to be euthanized following complications from laminitis that stemmed from a May surgery for a hernia. He was only 13, poor fellow.

- This has been ongoing for quite awhile (years actually), but there are rampant reports of abuse and neglect among a herd of Lippizaners in Serbia. During the Yugoslavian war, they were taken from Croatia and since 1999, Croatia has been accusing Serbia of neglecting and starving the animals. They are petitioning for an independent vet to examine the animals and for an unconditional return of the horses to Croatia. (Serbia is requesting EUR300,000 in compensation.) The photos are here. It doesn't take a vet to see that the animals are in terrible condition. I'm not sure whether non-Croatians can sign this petition. It isn't very clear, but here it is anyway....

- There are hundreds of horses in Australia that are suspected of having or confirmed to have equine flu. Equine flu has rarely, if ever, existed in that country, so very few horses have ever been vaccinated against it.

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