Aug 14, 2007

Pony Round-up

- Fjord horses are adorably cute. I want one.
- Horse protects owner from cow. This is every kind of weird, but cool. I can't imagine any of my horses ever doing this for me. They'd have just watched me get mauled by a crazy cow.
- This sounds more like what my horses would have done to me: In Australia a horse dumps his rider into a crocodile-infested swamp. The guy climbed into a tree and had to stay there for a week before being rescued. I think I might not ride again.
- Awwww. Two horse people in love. Yeah, until they compete against each other in the final showdown. There can only be one master showjumper, bitch. Yeah, that'd be awesome.

1 comment:

shnnn said...

everyone needs an ally against cows. Cows are no joke. they will mess you up for so real. but crocs (the lizard, not the offensively tacky, pervasive rubber shoes) are even more no joke. I'd be interested in horses more if they'd protect me from crocs (both the lizard AND the offensively tacky, pervasive rubber shoes)